Hello there

Welcome to the remarkable and magic world of the English language.

Without language, we could not share our opinions on Twitter, make laws, write poetry or sing along to Lady Gaga.

As a linguist, I am obsessed with English and how we use it in everyday conversations, political debates, and on social media… the list is endless. Language means power and understanding how it works will give you much greater authority.

Every couple of weeks I will unpick linguistic mysteries and interesting topics related to words and particular themes to see how this knowledge can make us better at communicating our ideas and avoiding language-related trapdoors. I know you are busy (who isn’t?), so all my articles will be short and sweet – something to read on your daily commute or at the school gates. Never boring – these posts will give you a curated guide to understating English and how we use it.

When I’m not disappearing down the language hole, armed with books, dictionaries, and a pile of newspapers, I like to go for a run, do yoga and cook a mean curry.

Jump Down the Language Hole with me. See you on the other side!

You can follow me on Twitter @PoetryandPandas, check out my Instagram or drop me a line on the Contact page.




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